Kiss Or Kill Me – Crystal Case Compact Disc

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“Kiss or Kill Me is one of the best stand-alone singles of 2017, but what makes this release special is the wide range of sounds you get from these remixes. It’s pretty much a must own.”

“A new wonderful single. Catchy electronic beats with influences from Synthwave over Synthpop mixed with dreamy Vocals.”

released October 18, 2017

  1. Kiss Or Kill Me 05:59
  2. Kiss Or Kill Me (Microchip Terror Remix) 06:10
  3. Kiss Or Kill Me (Stilz Remix) 05:03
  4. Kiss Or Kill Me (Bionic Resistance – Hug or Hate Me remix) 07:34
  5. Kiss Or Kill Me (unTIL BEN – Funk Me remix) 04:56
  6. Kiss Or Kill Me (Nightrun87 Remix) 03:50


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