A Sonic Odyssey Beyond Genres

Embark on an auditory adventure with unTIL BEN, a visionary French music producer whose innovative sound defies boundaries. Blending an array of genres into a tapestry of emotion, his music promises to transport you to undiscovered realms of sensation. For the aural explorer seeking thrills beyond the ordinary, unTIL BEN is your sonic beacon.

Drawing from the nostalgic echoes of classic sci-fi scores and the synth-driven pulse of ’80s new wave, unTIL BEN weaves these threads to chart new territories of sound. His sonic landscapes are a study in contrast: from the stark beauty of minimalism to the complex layers of rich, resonant melodies. Paying homage to the legends like John Carpenter, Vangelis, and Giorgio Moroder, unTIL BEN also charts his unique path, celebrating the limitless potential of synthesizers.


Raised in the vibrant culture of France, unTIL BEN’s sound palette ranges from the introspective to the exuberant, always edged with a distinctive sharpness. His relentless drive for innovation is evident in every track, offering music that not only resonates with quality but also with an indomitable spirit of creativity.


unTIL BEN’s quest is more than musical—it’s a journey towards a world where rhythm and harmony reign supreme, and he won’t rest until this vision is realized. His dedication to his art is unwavering, a pledge to deliver nothing but transcendent soundscapes that stir the mind and move the soul.


Since joining the ranks of Lazerdiscs Records in 2019, unTIL BEN has found a home among a roster of exceptional talent. Armed with unyielding passion and precision, he stands on the precipice of greatness. Stay tuned and prepare to have your world sonically redefined.

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