French electronica producer unTIL BEN set out to bridge the gaps between different genres with his eclectic and forward-thinking approach. Various influences creep into the classic sound of the European scene, making for an approach that echoes the textures and warmth of the old school while remaining connected with contemporary aesthetics and production values.

His music is shaped by the use of synthesizers that blink an eye to the sound of old sci-fi soundtracks and space spleen, as well as 80s new wave and modern electronica: Think Thom Yorke jamming with Depeche Mode on the ISS space station!

The Bayonne-based producer also boasts diverse instrumental skills that allow him to achieve an eclectic and kaleidoscopic sound. Whether he’s flirting with jazz, looking back on his metal roots or reminiscing his post-rock days, unTIL BEN feels at home in a variety of different situations that would frighten many other artists!